To blog or not to blog?

That is a question with which I have wrestled for some time.  Many people have urged me to blog for years, but I have not taken them up on it until now.  My background is journalism, so I think I can write reasonably well.  I even enoy writing.  But many blogs seem to be fulltime jobs; I don’t have that much time.

I sometimes wonder whether I would have anything of consistent value to add to public discussion by blogging, but I will take a chance and give it a shot.  After all, I’ve read some other blogs.  If I come across like a complete idiot, at least I would have plenty of company!  Besides, maybe the habit of writing itself will compel me into meaningful thought.   I doubt I’ll focus on legal issues very often (just like I don’t watch legal dramas on tv), but I expect I may go there from time to time. 

So, read or don’t read.  I don’t really write this for anyone other than myself.  If you enjoy it or find something useful, I am glad.  If you do not, I hope you find something else that blesses  you.  And feel free to drop me a note with useful advice.  I’m not going to promise to take it, but I will certainly consider it.

As I start this blog, my wife is reading The Call of the Wild aloud to our children (ages 10 & 11).  I recall years ago hearing that the book was written in a very short amount of time – I think it was about a month.  As a result, I never held it in terribly high esteem and managed to mostly avoid it growing up.  Now, I cannot escape it for the moment.  That is not necessarily a bad thing.  I enjoy hearing my wife.  But it is distracting. 

So, this first blog entry will be brief.  Farewell until the next time.


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