Discrimination Remains

Our firm is leading the charge in the Pigford case against the federal government.  Pigord is commonly called the “Black Farmers Case” and seeks restitution for thousands of African American farmers who were routinely denied funding opportunities  similarly-situated white farmers received from the federal government.  This coming Tuesday (4/28), it appears a significant number of African American farmers will descend upon Washington to voice their frustration with the lack of funding for these claims.  

The government, which has already acknowledged the USDA engaged in wide-spread racial discrimination, allocated only 100 million dollars to cover claims that were generally acknowledged to be valued in excess of a billion dollars.  At the time the legistlation passed in 2008, legislators indicated the amount was simply a starting point and much more was anticipated.  The trouble is that nothing more has come.  As Washington pours untold billions in poorly-managed corporate giants, it continues to ignore the plight of those who lost everything at the hands of racist federal officials.  

The original bill was sponsored by then-Senator Obama in 2007; it did, indeed, give hope to many that they would finally receive much-needed relief.  Many of the victims lost their farms, homes, and livelihoods because they were unable to access the same funding as white farmers.  But, as time marches on, the administration seems to have forgotten about these “Main Street” victims while it contrates all it’s time bailing out “Wall Street.”  I hope President Obama and Congress refocus and make good on their promises to these innocent victims.  These men and women have lost too much already.  It is time for an administration that promised change to make good on those promises.

Read about it here.


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