A Devoted Little Dude

So, my son Eric (who turned 12 in July) recently accompanied me on my annual men’s retreat and fantasy football draft weekend (yeah, that’s right; and I’m not ashamed of either side of that).  This year, he was old enough to sit in with us on some of the devotionals, and he came back on fire.  It’s pretty exciting to see him so engaged in the spiritual side right now.  We’re doing our best to encourage him.

He has two big ideas.  First, he wants to write a series of devotionals.  Second, he wants to host a series of neighborhood Bible studies centered around these devotionals.  I love his heart, and we’ll see if God lets us give it a go.

For the next little while, Maggie and I will be working on some devotionals with E.  I’m looking forward to that.  Maybe we’ll put some here first to see if we get any feedback that can help us sharpen the message.


One thought on “A Devoted Little Dude

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