Doing something important

When was the last time you did something important with your day, or even just in your day?

I guess the answer to that question depends on your definition of important, doesn’t it?  Is it important to support your family?   Is it important to help someone in need?  Is doing the laundry important?  Sure, all of these are important.

But I’m talking about an out-of-the-ordinary important.  An eternal significance kind of important.  Have you found that kind of importance in your life?  Have you found a way to incorporate it on a regular basis?  That’s the hard part.

Hospitaller knight with sword
Image by One lucky guy via Flickr

I recall reading the book Raising a Modern-Day Knight by Robert Lewis.  He made the point that we fathers are supposed to teach our sons about their “transcendent purpose.”  I recall reading that and wondering, “What if I don’t know my own?”

Of course, our “transcendent purpose” involves our love, service, and devotion to God.  But how often does that feel like the main purpose in your life?  I know it’s not nearly often enough in my life.

So, let’s do something important.  Let’s try to center every day around Christ.  I know it’s a tall order (at least, it is for me), but let’s give it a shot.  Make your life count for something eternal.  Make today matter in eternity.  Imagine that!


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