Care Group Challenge

We had a lot of discussion in our care group at church today about why we, as Christians, frequently don’t live like the gospel is terribly important to us. We get lost in selfishness and the tyranny of the urgent. We unwittingly put other idols (even good things) at the center of our lives.  We live for “my kingdom come” rather than “thy kingdom come.” In short, we focus on the here and now.

It’s understandable, to a degree. And there is plenty of scripture to back up the point that this issue is common to mankind. So, what can we do about it? A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog called Doing Something Important.  The central call in that blog was to center each day around Christ.

Dave, our care group leader, issued a similar challenge today; he asked us to “preach the gospel” to ourselves each day. That is, he said we should keep the gospel in the forefront of our minds every day. The basic premise is that focusing daily on the gospel will give us a right perspective of ourselves and God, which will then transform our thinking.

It’s easy to say, “I already do a devotional/study/prayer/mediation/etc.”  It’s easy to justify ourselves in our own minds. But we cannot justify ourselves before a holy and perfect God. We need to understand the depravity of our own hearts. Only then can we truly appreciate the good news of the gospel.

So, please join us. You don’t have to be a member at Open Door or a member of our care group. Let’s see what sort of change God can accomplish in us and then through us.


6 thoughts on “Care Group Challenge

  1. Leslie Bumgarner

    Thanks for posting! I hope soon to try to start coming to church after I get off work, usually get home & crash! Glad to hear Dave’s challenge! I feel like God has been challenging me in this area as I read 2 books, Crazy Love by Chan & Radical by Platt. & this week have had 2 different discussions with people of how we tend to live for today like we can live forever.
    Thanks Dave for challenging our group & Thanks Mike for posting & sharing!

  2. julie

    great summary and application, mike. this post has already reminded me to get my mind out of the rut of business and take some time to reflect on the gospel. well said.
    julie j.

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