A Modest Movie Proposal

I’ve long been frustrated that I cannot share some of my favorite movies with our kids due to the language in the films. I have a modest proposal for these immodest films.

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There are many good movies out there that are clever, funny, and even have good lessons.  Unfortunately, far too many are unsuitable for young ears due to a heavy dose of four-letter words.  Some movies have only a few such words; those can often be watched with kids and a quick mute button.  But most seem to have so many profanities, there really is no way to protect young ears.

I know there is debate in religious circles about even watching such films.  I get that, and I don’t hold anything against folks who decide they will simply avoid all such movies themselves.  However, I feel like that would put us in too much of a shell.  We have to have limits, but we have chosen to have a hedge rather than a complete barrier.

Nonetheless, there really is no reason most movies cannot be released on DVD or Blu-Ray disc with a G-rated voice track.  Most discs already have multiple languages (English, Spanish, and French).  The technology is already there.  There is typically no issue with having enough room on the disc.

While movie purists might protest, the original version would still be preserved intact.  In fact, most good movies eventually have an edited TV version released, anyway.  Why not have it prepared along with the original?  That could give the director and producers even more control when it comes to the later TV edits.  Plus, doing it upfront would likely open some great movies to whole new audiences, thereby increasing revenue potential for the studios.

In short, including a G-track on DVDs and Blu-Ray discs would be easy, quick, and cheap; plus, it would open new markets to the studios.  It would allow more family time and let kids watch some great films with no concern about polluting their minds with profanity.


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