Piano Update

Range of a piano
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You may recall my piano purchase blog a few months back.  I have posted an ownership update as a comment to that blog entry today.  To summarize – we still love our Ritmuller piano.

I also have two other side notes to add.

First, the new edition of Piano Buyer is out.  In the Spring 2011 edition, the Ritmuller has moved up into the top-ranked tier of consumer instruments.  The fact professional reviewers are coming to the same conclusion we did makes me feel pretty good.  I actually think the Ritmuller could have been classed even higher, but that’s a minor quibble.  It’s nice to see Ritmuller being acknowledged as a high-quality piano.

Second, Heritage Piano in Canada has now linked to my purchase blog as a testimonial about the Ritmuller brand (“Testimonial 2” on the linked page).  Norbert Marten, the owner of Heritage, saw my original post on the Piano World forums and decided to share that with his shoppers.  I am honored that a such well-respected dealer would link to my blog.


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