Raising Funds for India Mission Trip

UPDATE: I am leaving the original post below, but we are no longer going on this mission trip.  Please see my A Step Back post for further details.


Ally and I need your help.

Alyson (who will be 15 in June) and I are going to India for a mission trip with the youth group at First Baptist Cary this summer.  In order to go, we have to raise $5600 between the two of us.  This will be our first international mission trip.  At this point, the plan is for us to leave RDU 7/17/12, fly to JFK, then to Brussels, and then to India.  We should arrive back home 7/28/12.

Many of you already know about this trip and have purchased support/prayer bracelets from us or already sent donations.  The deadline is drawing close, and we still have a lot of fund-raising to do.  So, if you are considering donating for us to go on this trip, now is the time!  And, more importantly, we need your prayers.

While in India, we’ll be working in the city of Chennai, the fourth most populated metropolitan area in India.  The name Chennai may not sound familiar, but you may know the city better as Madras.   Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu.  We will also spend a couple of days in Delhi and even visit the Taj Mahal.

Our team will partner with Bobby & Linnet Gupta of Hindustan Bible Institute.  I may even have the opportunity to address group of Indian attorneys while there to discuss the subject of justice.  That would be great, if we can make it happen.

Ally’s current goal in life is to find a way to facilitate adoption of children from India and the Far East.  She has been passionate about this for a couple of years now, and I think it might stick.  For at least part of this trip, we’d be working with an orphanage, so she is really fired up about going.

For any so inclined, we’d GREATLY appreciate donations toward our fund-raising.  Donations are tax-deductible.  Checks should be made payable to First Baptist Church of Cary.  The mailing address is:

Cary First Baptist Church
c/o Steve Magnusen
218 S. Academy St.
Cary, NC 27511

In the memo section, you’d write “India Mission Trip Preference” but not our names.  You should put one of our names on a separate piece of paper in the envelop. 

If you’re interested in reading just a little more, here is the brochure about the trip.  Also, here is a video Todd Cole created about the trip (Todd is the Youth Pastor at FBC and is heading the team).

Please pray for me, Ally, and the entire team.  And if you can, please consider donating so we can go.

God bless you!


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