A Step Back

Many of you reading this post are aware that Ally and I have been planning to go on a mission trip to India next month with the Youth at First Baptist Cary.  A number of you have contributed to our fundraising efforts and even more have spent time praying for us.  Thank you.

However, I am writing to tell you some recent setbacks (including having our passports stolen) have caused us to spend a lot of time this week wrestling with God over whether we truly should go on this trip.  In the end, we believe there are enough spiritual caution signs that we must step back from the trip, so we have notified the church we are not going.

As you might imagine, that was a hard conversation for everyone involved.  While we feel like this is the decision God would have of us now, we still have heavy hearts and we worry about the effect on the remaining team members.  Please continue to keep the team in your prayers.

Some of you may ask what happens to the money you donated on our behalf.  I don’t have a complete answer to that question.  It may be possible the money can be refunded, if you so desire.  Otherwise, it would be split among the remaining team members and credited toward their fund-raising.  I am sure that would be a great blessing to them and hope you consider allowing your donation to be used in this way.  But if you want the donation refunded and the church refuses or is unable to do so, please let me know and I will refund the money to you.  I appreciate that you donated money on our behalf and want to honor your commitment to supporting us.

Through this process, we have learned a lot about ourselves, other team members, the mission process, India, and God’s guidance.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of Alyson and how gracefully she has dealt with this situation.  I wish I had such a great spirit at 15!  She is a special young lady, and I am truly blessed to have her as my daughter.

My apologies to everyone.  We thank you for your support and encouragement, but regret that things have ended this way.  We do plan to seek other mission opportunities, and we ask for your continued prayerful support.


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